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sundre, main ave water loop project

Diameter: 30"

Method: Pipe Ramming

This project was completed at approximately 5m depth in pit run conditions. The installation method chosen due to the tough ground conditions was pipe ramming. Three crossings were required to complete the water loop, 30” casing was used to encase a 400mm water line to complete the towns water supply loop. Our installations crossed a highway, a creek bed and an environmentally sensitive area, all within the town limits. Combine tough ground conditions with the high water table in the area amounted to some challenging working conditions. Our crew with the support of the prime contractor managed to control the inflow of water into the excavations as well as flowing water through the casing being installed. Large volume water pumps were employed to control the water flowing in from all sides of the excavation and a large diameter pig was used to hold water back in the casing during the welding of each casing section, then removed prior to applying the percussive force of the pipe ramming tool.

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